3. LISA ANN, 40

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A Pennsylvania native (she was born in Easton) and a dual Hall of Fame member (AVN, XRCO), Lisa Ann is perhaps one of the most popular pornstars of all time – hey, the New York Post said as much, so there is some gravitas to that, right?

While much of Lisa’s popularity may have initially come from the film/marketing genius of her hotter than reality impersonation of Sarah Palin in the film Who’s Nailn Paylin?, folks no doubt have remained fans since due to her incendiary looks and voluptuous figure.

Although she began her adult film career in 1993, Lisa floated in and out of the industry for a while, but once that Palin flick debuted on Election Day 2008, there has really been just no stopping her and regardless of age, Lisa Ann’s scenes have never been hotter or more carnal.

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