Review/Recap of Arrow Season 3, Episode 15 – “Nanda Parbat”

Thea and Laurel make some dumb decisions, Oliver goes to Nanda Parbat with Diggle, Roy tries to help Thea, Ray and Felicity grow closer, and

February 27, 2015 Television

YOUR Future Ex-Wife Of The Week: Ashley Graham

Folks made it pretty clear who they wanted to win this Showdown, and I sure as hell can’t blame ‘em! Robyn Lawley was outvoted pretty much

February 24, 2015 Red Light District
The Return

Review/Recap of Arrow Seaon 3, Episode 14 – The Return

Oliver and Thea train on Lian Yu and get more than they bargained for, Capt. Lance reacts to Laurel’s lies, and we see Oliver’s first

February 20, 2015 Television

Review/Recap Of The Flash Season 1, Episode 14 – “Fallout”

Two people and an old enemy return, Joe tells Barry about his discovery, and Iris starts to realize that there is a lot more going

February 19, 2015 Television

The 15 Hottest Actors of All-Time

We are truly living in the golden age when it comes to the variety of hotness there is to choose from Hollywood actors. Clean cut

February 15, 2015 Red Light District

Review/Recap of Arrow Season 3, Episode 13- “Canaries”

Thea and Lance are brought in on secrets by Oliver and Laurel respectively, Oliver is hit with some hard truths by the gang and, in

February 13, 2015 Television
The Nuclear Man

Review/Recap of The Flash Season 1, Episode 13 – “The Nuclear Man”

We meet Martin Stein, get a little more explanation of how Firestorm came to exist, watch Barry be completely adorable while trying to figure out

February 12, 2015 Television

Spider-Man’s Coming To Marvel Studios, And It’s Time For Fanboys To Own Up To Their Hypocrisy

Fans have been demanding this for a long time, but it looks like Sony and Marvel Studios have finally come to an agreement that will

February 11, 2015 Movies

The Future Ex-Wife Showdown: Ashley Graham Vs. Robyn Lawley

Sports Illustrated made the news last week, first with an ad in their latest Swimsuit Edition issue which features plus-size model Ashley Graham showing off some

February 09, 2015 Red Light District

Review/Recap of Arrow Season 3, Episode 12 – Uprising

Oliver returns to Starling City and makes an unpopular decision, Merlyn offers to help Team Arrow against Brick, and we get some backstory on how

February 06, 2015 Television
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